The People Is Demanding Not To Be A Part Of Ethiopia.

Dr. Debretsion Gebremichael

The accusation against Ato Getachew Assefa and others is that “the most shameful thing in the world”.

There is an issue that could have been raised by Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn on the issue.

The government has been designated by the government to be a hindrance to opening and wounding people.

Tigray Regional State Deputy Debretsion Gebremichael said the Tigray People’s Alliance for Democracy (Tigray) was not involved with the scheme,

‘The genocide is in the offensive against the federal and regional governments,’ the vice-president said, ‘the intentional killing of a civilian government is underway’.

The Tigrayan government, which has been under the leadership of the Central and Lower Governments, is in the process of being dismissed from indebtedness, according to Tigray.

The vice president said, “When the party responsible for overseeing peace is damaged, we are correcting it.
Our job is not to work. Over time, we took over the responsibility of overcoming our responsibilities. But we were being sent to the power and violence. “It has been tested by the soldier on the ground outside the law,” said the federal government.

In addition, the government of the Amhara region government officials and the federal government, which is also known as the federal government, are also doing their work to stop hunger and thirst. “We want the government to intentionally push the regime of the regime of the Amhara Region and the federal government to silence the people who intentionally hunger and thirst,” he said. “When the people are attacked, the state is silenced,” he said.
The former director general of the National Intelligence and Security Service, Ato Getachew Alemu, should ask, “There is no sign of a light sign with a signature sign. The Tigray is the only organization that is elected by the Committee. Unpredictable falling down.

This is our government, “said the vice president, who, according to the government and the government,” has to be seized “, according to the law. But the charges indicated they were “scandalous in the world”.

Moreover, if it was legal and right, the former prime minister, Hailemariam Desalegn, would have to admit, but his own detainees, Hailemariam and Hissaurus, and other detainees should not be held in custody for government and public, and demanded that security forces be released.

Source – Reporter

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