“Tax and Tax Exploration of car in Ethiopia !!!”

In the case of a vehicle entering the country, CIF (cost of purchase, transport cost + insurance costs and other expenses) will be based on tax and tax credits. If the vehicle has been serviced one year from the FOB price of 10% of the FOB price, a reduction of 3% or 30% will be deducted from the FOB rate, with the total rate of customs and other taxes increasing by tax and tax.
The total horsepower of the vehicle is 125%, if it is 1300 and 1301 cc to 2500 cc, the total rate of customs and other taxes from 176.24% to 244.55%. Other vehicles used for human transport and other than 125,00075% of the total amount of customs and other taxes, including vehicles for transporting ten or more persons, including 58.25% of vehicles with less than 15 riders, and customs and other allotments of 15 or more persons The rate is 29.50%.
The duty pay value of the vehicle is multiplied by the vehicle’s total tax and tax billing division and the taxable income of the vehicle. We will follow five steps (customs clearance, excise tax, VAT, supplemental tax and segregation tax) to calculate tax and tax credits. Take, for example, the value of tax and tax.
The tax filing fee of Birr 70000, a new cylinder capacity of 1280, is:
It calculates tariffs first and calculates the billing price by multiplying customs duties. In this case, the tax payer will be 70,000 X 35% = 24,500.
Next, excise tax calculates, and the calculation of the automobile’s tax bills and the taxpayer by multiplying tax by multiplying the electron tax rate. Based on this calculation, the payor will have a tax rate of 70,000 + 24,500 30% = 28,350.
Third-party receivables are VAT Depreciation plus taxable value addition, in addition to the automobile’s billing rate, taxable customs duties and excise taxes. The additional value added tax will be paid (70,000 + 24,500 + 28,350) 15% = 18,427.5 birr.
Tax is the fourth lowest tax rate, and the calculation of the automobile bills of the automobile, taxable customs duties, excise tax and value added taxes by tax subtraction. The amount payable is 70,000 + 24,500 + 28,350 + 18,427.5% 10% = 14,127.75 Birr.
Fifth, pay is tax-deductible tax. This tax is computing the dividend payoff by multiplying the tax credit. As a result, the payout will be 70,000 X 3% = 2,100 birr.
Finally, the rating scale includes all taxes and taxes, which the government will collect from this automobile tax and tax calculation
24,500 + 28,350 + 18,427.5 + 14,127.75 + 2,100 = 87,505.25 birr.

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