“Elephant lottery comes out !!!”

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The eel lottery, which was eagerly awaited, came out in the National Lottery Hall on March 10, 2011. The following are the numbers of successful winners.
1st. The first lot of the 7,000,000 birr is ——- 1566326
2nd consecutive issue of Bt4,000,000 birr ——– 0346956

  1. Bidder Number 3,000 —— -1162216
    4th. Bidder Number of Result of 1,000,000 Birr —– 1095254
    5th. The fifth consecutive value of 5,500,000 Birr ——– 1320460
    6th. The 6th Plot Number for Bidding 200,000 Birr ——– 0195186
    7th. The 6th Lot of the Amount of Bt Birr 100,000 —– -0.543978
    8th. The lottery lottery lottery will be awarded with 18 lots
    9th. The lottery lottery is offered by lottery lottery
    The lottery 10th lot has a lot of money
    11th. 180 lottery lots with the amount of Birr 1,000 – 9833
    12th. 180 lottery lots – 5377
    13th. The lottery lottery number 1800 lottery lottery lottery lottery lottery tickets
    14th. 1800 lots for each lot birr 80 – – 540
    15th. 180,000 lots of every 40 bt
    16,000 lots, each lot has a total of birr 40 (share)
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    National Lottery Administration
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