A Sad News From AA Police.

He was arrested and charged with two arms and head and was arrested on suspicion of arrest.
The United States and the United States, the United States and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) The union announced it would be the only way that the situation could be resolved in Sudan. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on Tuesday resigned to Sudan in a bid to persuade protesters and opposition protesters, Reuters reported. Sudanese authorities have been assassinated by the security forces this week, claiming that their number is about 100. The Central Committee of Sudanese doctors, however, said they had released 40 bodies in the Nile River yesterday, bringing the total number of casualties to 108. It warns that the number could increase. Today there is a moderate movement in the Sudanese cities, but most of the major cities in the capital city have been interrupted.
He was arrested on suspicion of murdering his lover in a rented house at his rented house at about 10:00 am, with his two arms and head.

The plaintiff’s accusation, alleging that the defendant was charged with plaintiff’s name, Antele Kiros, and his real name, was convicted of plaintiff Kish Shawteh Hassan, accusing him of the 14th criminal trial of the Federal High Court.

As the prosecutor charged her with the charge, the prosecutor will go to the resident’s home to lie with her dead husband, Rachel Helmut. The attorney said that after being admitted to the home, two of the cats in the house had completely covered her neck, her arms were covered, and her legs were fully cut and separated by her wounds.

After the defendant carved her leg, she wrapped her two legs in the jacket and wrapped her in a black suit and put her remaining body in the black box and put her head and two arms in another black suitcase to the Akaki Kality sub-city. He took the charge, and charged the prosecutor.

When the defendant arrived, the defendant dropped off the taxi and slapped the other luggage in the street and then grabbed his two arms and head with a suitcase. The body of the deceased has been indicted by the locals, although it has been temporarily detained for some time with the hangman’s head and head.

Thus, the suspect has indicated that the conviction of the alleged offense under section 539 (1a) of the Criminal Code has been violated. Prosecuting the case, the prosecution argued that the individual had been accused of cruelty, cruelty, and cruelty.

The case was heard on May 26, 2011. Once the accused was read to the accused, the Apostasy Faith gave the following statement that he did not perform the act, but refused to defend himself. The defendant is scheduled to hear the alleged detainees claiming to defend himself against the alleged offense.

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