Nazrawits friend Got arrested

Suspected of her drug offense to Nazareth Kochein, her friend arrested

Sashi, who is suspected of being charged with drug abuse in Nigeria, has been arrested along with her friend Solomon Girma.

A spokesperson for the Nirvana Abramovich, who is said to be a friend of Nashri, is accused of conspiring to commit drug trafficking in the five arms of the Somali Goods Company, which has been arrested by the Federal Police on the same day.

He was arrested in the presence of a drug vendor from Senegal who had also been charged with drug trafficking from Brazil to Tasmania Tsegaye.

The investigative team led by the Supreme Prosecutor has started to investigate other crimes, including financial transactions from Brazil, China, and Africa.

A senior investigator from the top prosecutor said the investigative team would also serve as a Nazi incarceration service in China.

Samarassa Kassi has been arrested for bribery in connection with the crime and has been detained by the police after she obtained new information.

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