We are the voice of the people!

“If there is an idea of ​​war, we are ready to fight!” Journalist and Human Rights Activist Eskinder Nega

  • The people … have chosen us to act peacefully!

Prior to the press conference of Eskinder Nega, before the Bayat Council’s resolution, journalist Eliyi was taken into custody.

A press conference by the Bucks Council

“You allowed the government to give a statement to the office of the prime minister, and why not?

Eskinder …

“We are not members of a palace, we are a voice of the people, and we do not make a statement in the palace or any other state institution, in the future.

I do not have the desire to compete in the next election. As a whole, the Council of State does not have political authority. The slap in the power of abusive power is a reason to suppress the junk and claim the claim.

“We are threatening us!” – Journalist Eskinder Nega

“… We are going to face threats that we are riddled with,” said Assad’s deputy journalist and human rights advocate, Eskinder Nega.

He did not object to threats and threats without threatening the people who represented us.

We shall not lift up a sword for our blows, neither will we gloat over our guilt. “We have chosen peaceable activities as a movement of the people of the people,” he said, “and whatever our personal ambitions may be, we remain peaceful.”

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