I want to apologize to Ethiopians …

It was not because of inadequacies and inconveniences that they did not occur as judges.

The change was not won alone, and the displacement that Ethiopians do not want to hear has changed.

We need to register repetitive victories, not just for the people, not just the past. “

“I’m alright, but if Ahmad is not there, it would be difficult to identify me.

Oromo, Ethiopian, Amhara, Ethiopia, Tigray, Ethiopia, and Somali.

Oromo not only Ethiopia, but Kenya, Tigray is not only Ethiopia, but also Ethiopia; Afar not only Ethiopia, but also Ethiopia, also known as Eritrea; we do not know the name of our Father; we are always proud. “

Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed on the occasion of the first one-year program

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