A women gives birth again After 26 days of giving birth

After 26 days of giving birth to her first child, the mother of two twin boys

How would you feel if a mother you knew recently gave birth to a baby after a month’s return?

Naturally, as we know, a mother has to wait at least nine months to give birth again after giving birth.
In Bangladesh, however, something has to happen.

A 20-year-old girl, Arif Sultan, gives birth to an unborn child at the beginning of February.

However, within 26 days after giving birth, the baby feels sick. This is followed by a nearby hospital.

When the hospital doctors perform ultrasound tests, two twins are in the womb. It is also said that the recovery of two men and women from the two surgeries has been released in peace.

The doctors said the incident occurred when the sperm sued her two breasts. The doctor also said that this type of event was caused by people over-thinking and in many cases.

Source: BBC

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