It is worth the monthly financial support for the former Solders!

The Tigray Rebellion Enterprise announced that it has made a commitment to provide regular monthly financial support to the Grand and Pastoralists Martens.

According to the Tigray People’s Liberation Front, Ato Tilahun Tabor on the issue of the fight against the dictatorship in Tigray.

In the struggle against the Tigrayan people, the 20-year-old struggle with the Tigray People’s Liberation Tigers with their leader, Tigrai,

According to Tilahun, the families of these heroes have a great deal of economic problems at present. The board has announced that it has decided to support each of the Gestapoards monthly bribes of 650 birr each month in order to ensure a permanent income.

The company said it did not have an abundance of wealth but that it had social responsibility in the company. He also said he plans to support the Amhara region with the government.

In the same period, the struggle between the 150 and 200 Afar States has been striving to equally contribute 650 birr for each family within a month.

He added that the government is working with the regional government to implement this good practice.

He said the support given to more than 13,000 families in the Tigray region amounted to 650 birr (450 birr per month).

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